Shaping the Future of Politics: Mavrovo Workshop Paves Way for Smaller Parties in North Macedonia's 2024 Elections

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Under the auspices of the “Support for Electoral Reforms in North Macedonia” project, funded by the Swiss Government and implemented by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), a landmark workshop was held in Mavrovo on November 24 and 25, 2023. This event, titled “Mobilizing the Potential of Smaller Political Parties for the Upcoming Parliamentary Elections”, signifies a crucial step in fostering a vibrant and diverse political landscape in North Macedonia.

The workshop was led by Lolita Cigane, an esteemed international expert on political parties. Her involvement in the project is pivotal in bolstering the capacity of political parties to devise effective policies and election campaigns. The focus was on instilling foundational principles for formulating positions, microtargeting, messaging, and communication strategies – essential for the 2024 parliamentary elections.

Two days highlights were:

A welcoming introduction, setting the stage for collaborative learning and interaction.

Discussions on the current and future roles of IFES in supporting small political parties.

Insightful sessions on the crucial role of small political parties in enhancing democracy and political diversity.

Practical workshops on designing political programs that resonate with voters.

Techniques for effectively communicating party platforms and ideas.

Emphasizing internal party democracy and differentiating from major parliamentary parties.

The workshop culminated with closing remarks, reflecting on the insights gained and the roadmap ahead.

This event marks a significant milestone in empowering smaller parties to play a more influential role in North Macedonia’s political arena, paving the way for a more inclusive and representative electoral process.